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My Pantry Organization from Repurposing Materials


The problem:

In my home, there is an abundance of chaos, and with young helpers it doesn’t always stay neat and tidy. I had enough of my disheveled pantry! It was time to re-organize, and I had to come up with a much better way of organizing than just placing items on a shelf! It just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Nothing is worse than opening the door and things are literally falling off t

he shelf… and after realizing how bad it was, I have been seriously reconsidering how I am doing as a parent.

The Pantry Organization Requirements:

  1. It has to be sturdy! I had to make sure that my solution could hold up to some traffic and hold lots of stuff.
  2. It has to be budget friendly! I didn’t have any money in my budget to organize my pantry, so my solution had to be really inexpensive while meeting the criteria of #1.
  3. Had to look nice! Okay, so this one isn’t really a must, but I thought I might as well enjoy the things I am bringing into my home… especially since I would see it every day! I know that if I don’t like something, I don’t hang onto it, and didn’t want to put myself back at square one 6 months from now when I got sick of whatever I settled for.

The Solution:

After giving these criteria some thought, and giving my pinterest boards a good looking over, I noticed a pattern. I was obsessing over crates, and had pinned several styles of crates for different areas of the house on my boards.

….Hmmm… why not make it work for my pantry organization problems?!

So that’s what I set out to do. …and then I realized something else. All the crates I liked and wanted happened to be old antique crates! Knowing antique crates could be difficult to find, and cost more than I could spend, I decided to take matters into my own hands… literally.

After-Pantry-Organization Solution | Blog Post | Finding the Story

I was going to make my own crates! As an added bonus I was able to customize what size they were! I think they look fantastic and fit perfectly in the pantry! {See how I made these rustic wood crates here}

Note: I did also get rid of things that we no longer needed to have, and found better homes for things that weren’t ever meant to be placed in the pantry, but were {does that ever happen in your home?}.

So what do you think of the Before & After?

I am in love with the whole thing! I am in the process of making more crates, and plan to use them in other areas of the house since I didn’t need as many as I thought I would for the pantry organization project. I can’t wait until they are complete and I am able to enjoy them as well!



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